Sevara Nazarkhan is Uzbekistan singer, performer of Uzbek traditional music, and also lyrics and music author. She was born in Andijan. Sevara studied in the State Conservatory of Uzbekistan.  

Sevara Nazarkhan started to sing in the Sideris band, which was created by Mansur Tashmatov and consisted of four girls. But real popularity found her only with the start of solo career, playing folk music with contemporary melodies on dutar.

In 2000, already as a famous singer in Uzbekistan, Seavara met Peter Gabriel and was invited to record an album on his label Realworld Records.

Yol Bolsin album was released in 2002. It was produced by famous french musician and producer Hector Zazou. European crictics gave the album positive revievs and called it one of the most artistic records of the year.

After that Sevara participated in Peter Gabriel's world tour, which included over 50 shows all over the Europe, USA and Canada.

In 2004 Sevara Nazarkhan was awarded as «Best Asian Artist» at prestigious BBC World Music Award. All two following years she spent in continous tours with her band, the geography of ones covered all Central Europe and Asia. Sevara also perfomed in Moscow with great success.

In 2007 Realword Records realesed her second album "Sen". This time the album was produced by Bruno Ellingham (Goldfrapp, Nine Inch Nails, Doves) and famous Saint-Petersburg musician Viktor Sologub (Strange Games, DEADushki).

In 2012 Sevara took part in "Golos" TV show on 1st channel of Russia. She chose Leonid Agutin team and successfully passed two rounds, but was dropped in the third.